My name is Lisa Frances Judd and I am an Australian Visual Artist, Creative Business Owner and Author from the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW. My art style is quirky, full of colour, detail and fun.  To me art is joy and I love to see people smile when they view my work.I License my artworks commercially (by written agreement only) and I also welcome commissioned artworks for both private and business clients. Enquiries can be made in the Contact Box on my Who is Lisa Page. My  Product Business is www.quirkyhappy.com where you can find a great selection of quality art printed home-decor and gift  products. In 2016 I became a co-Author in two Books ~ Women on a Mission (in both digital and print)  and 100 Voices (in digital and soon to be in print). I am continuing my writing journey and am currently working on another complete book that hopefully will be ready for publishing by the end of 2017.